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Training parrots ... are you having fun yet? Learn how to train your parrot and impress your friends with clever tricks! Watch my friend Chet's parrot card trick video! He'll show you how your parrot can learn the very same amazing trick!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My friend Chet's parrot card trick on video

My friend Chet and I just met at starbucks this week again and enjoyed a conversation about his work with parrots and how he's refining parrot training techniques. He reported that people are finding his materials he recently put together very helpful - something he didn't even think about a while back. But apparently word is getting out that Chet knows his stuff and they love his ability to share these skills. People find it really works.

Chet and parrots! I don't know what it is... Chet's really good at what he does. You'd think he was born to work with birds, but I think he's just applied himself and taught himself to understand and work with parrots. I've seen some of the videos he's put together and I think he's highly qualified to teach others these cool tricks and good training techniques. Stopping bad biting habits is just one of the many things that he's dealt with.

Anyway, this incredible parrot trick video is right here for you to watch. He's still producing more videos... he likes to call them "amateur" because he's no video expert - but still that stuff is cool to watch and really helpful. Chet's finally put together a website for training parrots since so many people love his videos.

Have a great weekend!... Raphael - the Pacific Parrot Trainer

Parrot Training Tips - Helping you train your parrot

Parrot Training Tips was launched to help you learn and understand your parrot's behavior better. When you understand how your bird thinks, you'll start to connect with your bird and begin enjoying the bird you fell in love with at the pet store just a whole lot more.

Parrot's are notorious for biting, screaming, pooping, etc. I'm going to share my extensive knowledge and experience with many different breeds of parrots and some other typs of birds. I'll teach you how to understand your bird, connect with it, and helping the bird become a welcome member of the household! Wouldn't you love it if your family would compliment him on his vocabulary rather than tell him to shut up and get lost?

Well, have fun reading this blog and learning about your parrot, how to train and tame him, and where to buy parrot stuff.

- the Pacific Parrot Trainer

In the way of introduction, my name is Raphael and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love this area, and so do the birds. It's very environmentally stable and a great habitat for birds. I live on 9 acres with my family and wake up every morning to the singing of many, many birds that make their home here.